권 영 은 교수
전공분야 Biochemistry, Chemical Biology
세부연구분야 Biochip, Protein-Peptide Chemistry
학사학위과정 고려대학교 화학과 이학사
석사학위과정 고려대학교 화학과 이학석사
박사학위과정 University of Chicago Dep. Chemistry 이학박사
담당과목 유기화학 / 생유기화학 / 화학생물학 / 고급유기화학
대표저서 Youngeun Kwon, Matthew A. Coleman and Julio A. Camarero Understanding Biology Using Peptides: NewTools for the Site-Specific Attachment of Proteins to Surface, New York, Springer, 2006.
대표논문 Y. Kwon, C. A. Hara, M. G. Knize, M. H. Hwang, K. S. Venkatesteswaran, E. K. Wheeler, P. M. Bell, R.F. Renzi, J. A. Fruetel, C. G. Bailey (2008) Magnetic bead based immunoassay for autonomous detection

of toxins, Anal.Chem.,80, 8416-8423

Y. Kwon, M. A. Coleman, and J. A. Camarero (2006) Selective Immobilization of Proteins onto Solid Supportvia Split-Intein Mediated Protein Trans-Splicing, Angew.Chem.Int.,45(11),1726
Y. Kwon, M. Mrksich (2002) Dependence of the rate of an interfacial Diels-Alder reaction on the stericenvironment of the immobilized dienophile: An example of enthalpy-entropy compensation,


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